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Every student of dance reaps its benefits in different ways, through different channels of entry. As a teacher, I strive to make dance accessible to each of my students. In my class, students can find a safe space to explore their uniqueness and discover what dance can do for them, personally.


Beyond this, students should leave my class more efficient and cognizant movers. I provide students various tools – namely imagery, personal anecdotes, anatomical and physiological explanations, Laban Movement Analysis, and Bartenieff Fundamentals – in order to discover improved functionality and alignment for themselves. I engage my classes in critical thinking exercises, posing the questions, “What is working? What isn’t? Why?” I adapt these methods as appropriate to the level and age of my students, as well as the style being taught.


My primary teaching focuses are modern, contemporary, and classical ballet.  However, I also feel comfortable teaching jazz, basic hip hop, improvisation, and composition, if applicable. Throughout these courses, I emphasize the fact that each body is different, that there is no one “correct” aesthetic. In differentiating styles, I elucidate their historical and social contexts. I assess students based on the parameters afore mentioned, focusing specifically on their technical development, ability to examine their method of moving, and ability to make active choices in class. This assessment manifests on a continual basis on my end and is highlighted for the student at “check in” points over time.

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