University of California, Santa Cruz, 2018

Graduate Certificate in Science Communication

University of Florida, Gainesville, 2017

Bachelors of Fine Arts in Dance,

summa cum laude

Bachelors of Science in Psychology:

Behavioral and Cognitive Neuroscience,

cum laude






Turbulent Flows in Soap Film - Dance Your PhD

January 2019

Shot at the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology

The Chair in Room 119

November 2016

Premiered at “BFA Showcase: Mind Your Step” at the University of Florida

The Burning Conclusion

April 2016

Premiered at “BFA Showcase: BEING” at the University of Florida


April 2016

Premiered at “Mathematics, Art, and Science at the Harn” at the Harn Museum of Art


Fall 2013                     

Basic Modern Dance - Ric Rose

Basic Ballet - Isa Garcia-Rose

Majors Technique - Tzveta Kassabova, Kristen O’Neal

Dance Ensemble - Tiffany Rhynard

Spring 2014                 

Basic Modern Dance - Tzveta Kassabova, Kristen O’Neal

Basic Ballet - Ric Rose

West African Dance/Music - Mohamed DaCosta

Intermediate Jazz - Ric Rose

Fall 2014                     

World Dance (West African) - Mohamed DaCosta

Dance Composition 1- Joan Frosch

Intermediate Modern Dance - Pat Graney

Intermediate Ballet - Isa Garcia-Rose

Dance Ensemble - Ric Rose


Spring 2015                 

World Dance (Hip Hop) - Trent Williams, Jr.

Dance Composition 2 - Trent Williams, Jr.

Intermediate Modern Dance - Trent Williams, Jr.

Advanced Ballet - Isa Garcia-Rose


Summer 2015              

Summer Dance Intensive - Iyun Harrison, Helanius Wilkinson


Fall 2015                     

Dance Composition 3 - Nita Little

Advanced Modern Dance - Nita Little

Advanced Ballet - Angela DiFiore


Spring 2016                 

Dance Composition 4 - Trent Williams, Jr.

Advanced Modern Dance  - Melissa Brenner

Advanced Ballet - Trent Williams, Jr.


Fall 2016                     

Choreographic Senior Project - Elizabeth Johnson                    

Advanced Modern Dance - Elizabeth Johnson

Laban Movement Analysis - Joan Frosch


Spring 2017                 

Advanced Modern - Melissa Brenner

Advanced Ballet - Ric Rose


Dance in a Suitcase                  

President                                  2015-2016

Publicity Chair                         2014-2015


Fine Arts College Council        

Executive Board Member          2015-2016


MOD Dance Ensemble, directed by Trent D. Williams, Jr.  Cast member                            2015-2016



A work in progress, self-choreographed

The Name of This Dance Changes Every Day

Bluets #1-40, Cid Pearlman in collaboration with dancers


BFA Showcase: ROOTED: why am i?               

Second Draft, collaboration with Stacie Cratty  

Badasoorat Battakh Ka Bachacha, Esrom Anil Williams, Jr.

Harn Museum of Dance                                               

Don’t Worry Your Pretty Little Head, Breena Cocco

Watch Me Tap, Watch Me Sous-sus, Daniel Morimoto and self

American College Dance Festival (USF)                       

Don’t Worry Your Pretty Little Head, Breena Cocco


Dance 2017: Rounding the Corner                    

Fuerza de Mujer, Isa Garcia-Rose


Splendor: Let the Good Times Roll!                 

Fuerza de Mujer, Isa Garcia-Rose


BFA Showcase: Mind Your Step                        

Fuerza de Mujer, Isa Garcia-Rose

Don’t Worry Your Pretty Little Head, Breena Cocco              


BFA Showcase: BEING                                    

The Burning Conclusion, self-choreographed


Mathematics, Art, and Science at the Harn       

Reconsolidation, self-choreographed


Harn Museum of Dance                                               

Page-turner, Andrea Piazza and self

To feel… so WE can be, Mia Redding


American College Dance Festival (Emory)        

To feel… so WE can be, Mia Redding

when THEY become ONE, Melissa Brenner and Trent Williams, Jr.


Dance 2016: Worlds Apart                               

father.salt.sound.movement, Trent Williams, Jr.



Greater Than Once We Were, Iyun Harrison


Young Dancer’s Workshop                              

when THEY become ONE, Melissa Brenner and Trent Williams, Jr.


BFA Showcase: It Happened in College            

To feel… so WE can be, Mia Redding

An Illusion of Vanity, Andrea Piazza

Ajô: together we stand, Fernando Ferraz

when THEY become ONE, Melissa Brenner and Trent Williams, Jr.


Swamp Dance Fest 2015                                  

Greater Than Once We Were, Iyun Harrison


BFA Showcase: Incongro(us)                            

Attic, George Staib


Dance 2015: Based on True Stories                   

The Women of Delphi, Ric Rose

Transfiguration, Isa Garcia-Rose


I Think It’s Going to Rain Today                     

Nicole Assanti, Andrew Dorsey


Creativity in the Arts and Sciences Event         

Argetype, Stephanie Capon and Andrew Flint

Shape-Influenced Behavior in a Nanomaterial World, Amanda Ruiz and Alan Roberts



Forokoroba, Soli (Mediani), Mohamed DaCosta


BFA Showcase: Instead I Sipped                       

The Women of Delphi, Ric Rose

Transfiguration, Isa Garcia-Rose

Argetype, Stephanie Capon


BFA Showcase: Relatively 75                           

Nachtmahr, Jenn Martz


Splendor: New York Nights                              

42nd Street, Isa Garcia-Rose



Echale Mojito, Isa Garcia-Rose


BFA Showcase: As is                                       

Citizen Project, Tiffany Rhynard


  • Teaches free modern dance classes at the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology (OIST)

  • Pedagogical theory and practice through “Teaching Methods” course

  • Lighting/sound production experience through two semesters of “Production and Performance: Electric” and “Introduction to Light and Sound”

  • Design of posters and promotional materials for BFA Showcases “Mind Your Step” (November 2016) and “BEING” (April 2016)

  • Mentor to three undergraduate dance students within University of Florida Dance Department

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