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For me, dance is a creative outlet, method of knowing, and way of life. I do not segment dance from the rest of my life experience, but rather allow it to inform all I do, and vice versa.


In this vein, my passions for neuroscience, writing, literature, and philosophy often inspire my choreographic work and my dance practice concurrently informs these studies. My dance training is similarly multidisciplinary; movement is movement is movement. The particular aesthetic, virtuosity, physicality, and cultural connotations of each style come to inform the next.


Though raised a bunhead, I now consider myself just a dancer. I bring this broadened perspective to choreography and performance, reveling in chances to challenge my movement tendencies. That said, in my own choreography I embrace the facilities offered by ballet technique and bend them toward new purpose. Through dance, I bring myself to deeper understanding and strive to do the same for my audiences.

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