Getting science

out of the lab...

...and onto

the stage.

We often think of

science and art

as polar opposites... 

...as disparate disciplines with no overlapping values.

As a dancer and professional science communicator,

I see things differently.


Equipped with degrees in dance and neuroscience, I have translated the intricacies of memory formation into movement phrases and embodied the experience of neurological disease through performance. When I realized I could turn my passion for creative science communication into a career, I enrolled in the world-renowned science communication program at

UC Santa Cruz.



Beyond relating science through writing, I aim to facilitate true collaborations between scientists and performing artists. I believe dance is an underutilized platform for delivering scientific ideas to new audiences. Dance grants us the opportunity to see concepts embodiedexplored and emoted through the human form. In an age when many people harbor distrust in science, dance may offer a strategy to

humanize the field.

Scientists are people, too,

and science impacts all of us

in our daily lives.

Dance can remind us of that.